Exclusive interview with Cristian Collodoro including a teaser premier Acid Enigma EP

Cristian Collodoro is an Italian Artist based now in London.

Cristian is a young and very promising DJ who started his first sets at the age of 14, now he is 26 and he is rapidly growing, speeding up to the techno top charts and developing his unique style and sound.

Moving to London greatly influenced his music, today his style can be described as Techno Detroit/Hard Techno/Acid Techno.


Cristian Collodoro: “I always wanted people to be inspired by my music”

Cristian Collodoro has been involved with music during the last 10 years, focusing his interest on techno, refining his mixing and production skills. He’s characterized by a powerful combination of charisma and engaging presence behind the booth, soon receiving widespread appreciation from both, the crowd and fellow colleagues.

Currently living in London Cristian has had recent releases on Finder and Tendenzia Records, and played on different venues such as Ministry of Sound, Egg, Lightbox, 93 Feet East and many more.

We caught up with Cristian Collodoro to talk about his present and future plans.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Cristian. Where are you right now and what are you up to?

Cristian Collodoro: Hello Electronic Groove, thanks for inviting me. I’m based in London right now. Lately, I’ve been playing here in a few well-known clubs and also around Europe, in Italy and Spain. I’ve also been producing my latest EP entitled ‘Entropia’ – composed of ‘Entropia’, ‘Genesis’ and ‘Rush’, and finally, I have new exciting material coming up soon.

EG: Very busy! Can you tell what is your favorite music genre?

Cristian Collodoro: When I started, I used to do my first mix-ups with house and underground discs. Following a period of artistic soul-searching, my musical interests shifted towards techno with influences of acid, Detroit and hard-techno sounds. This allowed me to refine my mixing techniques to a new up level.

EG: How did it all begin for you? What got you into music?

Cristian Collodoro: It all started when I was fourteen. I was driven by a strong passion for underground music, and with the support of my family and friends, I began playing at local venues. Moreover, I come from a family of musicians, so music is part of my life since I can remember.

EG: You’re originally from Sicily, what inspired you to move to London?

Cristian Collodoro: After a few years playing around Sicily and building some popularity, I realized that moving to one of the European capitals of music, London, could exponentially improve my career. I always dreamed of playing at worldwide famous clubs like Egg, Ministry of Sound and fabric. I always wanted people to be inspired by my music, and I knew London was the best place for me to make my dreams come true.

“Music is part of my life since I can remember”

EG: We really enjoyed your latest ‘Entropia’ EP. Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind it?

Cristian Collodoro: I had been wanting to produce something like this for a while and I finally managed to complete a satisfying EP and release it last June. Contains all that has been my musical evolution of continuous discoveries during the last years. If I had to state what inspired me I would probably say the feeling of happiness with myself after all my achievement till 2018.

EG: How did you start to get interested in techno? Can you mention some of your all-time influences?

Cristian Collodoro: I started growing a really strong passion for techno music after moving to London. Here I also had the opportunity to play in some of the venues where my all-time influencers have performed in the past.

I have definitely been inspired by some of the biggest names in the techno scene such as Sven Vath, Ben Clock, Jeff Mills, Marcell Dettmann, Derrick May, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Ellen Allien, Dave Clarke, Pete Tong, Sam Paganini, Monika Kruse, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Paul Kalkbrenner, Dubfire, Joseph Capriati and Richie Hawtin, who have represented a source of inspiration and a guide for me music-wise speaking.

EG: Are you currently working on any new material?

Cristian Collodoro: I like to think I’m constantly working on new material. This year I’ve been doing so good with the ‘Entropia’ EP on Finder Records, owned by my dear friend Sopik, that reached the first position on the Beatport ‘Hard Techno Releases’. Two of my tracks, Entropiaand Rush were included on ‘The Best Tracks of Summer 2018′ chart on Finder Records. I’m planning to make 2019 even better. In fact, I already have a few exciting projects coming up very soon.

The first one is that I’m going to make a remix for an amazing artist, DeKRA, which will be out on a brand new label called ‘Insectum Records’ that is owned by the really talented Abyssvm. Furthermore, I’m very excited to collaborate on a new track with STOMP BOXX which will allow us to mix our styles and create something very unique, I can’t wait for it! Finally, I’m going to release new tracks from my own personal collection.

EG: What are some of your favorite clubs in town?

Cristian Collodoro: All the techno scene venues in London are very high level, both in terms of lineups and general organization, thanks to the amazing job done by the promoters. I love to feel the empowering atmosphere and the amazing vibes that these clubs give to me and the whole crowd that attends every weekend. It is, hence, hard to pick a few favorites. However, if I had to, I would probably choose fabric, Printworks, Egg, E1, Corsica Studios and Village Underground.

“Entropia contains all that has been my musical evolution of continuous discoveries in the last years”

EG: What are your plans for the Winter season? Any exciting gigs coming up?

Cristian Collodoro: Right now I’m working with a management team that is organizing a few gigs both in UK and Sicily. For NYE I will be playing at a 12-hour event at Club Reina with Lost Sheep Events, headlining the techno room. Also, an amazing opportunity has arisen for me to be one of the guests at the notorious Sicily club, MOB, for the 2019 season. On top of that, I’m extremely excited to start a European Tour thanks to the invaluable support and constant hard work of my managers.

EG: Which are the labels you inspire yourself with when you produce your music?

Cristian Collodoro: The labels I follow the most are the ones I feel closer to my style due to their musical characteristics, specifically for the techno sounds and vibes I feel when I listen to them. Among these, my top 10 labels would be Soma Records, Suara, Mord, Second State, Eclipse Recordings, Sleaze Records, Reload Records, Renesanz, Etruria and Funk’n Deep Records.


How to become a deejay and let everybody dance. Leave Italy with the dream of being a Dj and do it.

It is Cristian Collodoro, Sicilian, one of the Italians in London who tried, with great success, the path of music. He tells how to work as a DJ in London and his decision and adventure to leave Italy to pursue a career as a DJ, with all his difficulties. 

Cristian is part of all those Italians in London who have tried their luck and apparently made it. 

He has been in England for 5 years and is a full time DJ, he deals with musical productions. It is paid £ 600 per night, while a beginner also plays for free. 

Cristian, one of the lucky Italians in London, gives us estimates about the world of DJs in London: "DJs pay taxes, from 0 to 11,000 pounds, from 50 up you pay more than 50%. The competition is very high and there are thousands of DJs. " 

The data say that setting up a recording studio costs about 7,000 pounds, while entry into the most famous places cost 25 pounds, excluding consumption. A DJ, at a high level, gets to earn £ 90,000 per night