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AGE 28   

Cristian Collodoro was born in Sicily, the beautiful Italian island, in 1993.  

At the early age of fourteen, driven by an interest for disco music, Cristian made his debuts in local venues by doing his first mix-ups with Underground and House Discs.  

Following a period of artistic soul-searching, Cristian’s musical interests shifted towards Techno Music with this giving him the opportunity to refine his mixing techniques. Collodoro’s style – a powerful combination of charisma and engaging delivery from behind the console – soon came to earn him widespread appreciation both from the crowd and fellow colleagues.  

Beyond any doubt, Cristian’s fundamental artistic transformation begun at the age of 20 when he moved to London.  

Based in the British capital, Collodoro has worked as producer and has mastered new genres- in particular Techno Detroit, Hard Techno and Acid Techno.  

Collodoro’s invaluable experience in London has contributed enormously to the making of his eclectic musical tastes. Most importantly, perhaps, this experience has instilled into him artistic and intellectual curiosity which constantly propels him towards new artistic journeys.  


Indeed, he has released several incredible original tracks and remixes in the last period on fantastic record labels with great successes such as:

- May 2021 “Lyrical Rave” EP 3 tracks (Masks and Mirrors, Lyrical Rave and Get Act) included Charlie Sparks (UK) Remix is been released on the top label Dolma Rec both Digital and Exclusive Vinyl. “Cristian Collodoro – Lyrical Rave (Charlie Sparks (UK) Remix)” reached the Top 100 Hard Techno Tracks Chart on Beatport and sit at #33.

- August 2020 he released once again on Instectum Records a fantastic EP called “Xylocopa Violacea” remixed by Omis (Italy) and Dekra, especially Cristian Collodoro – Xylocopa Violacea (Omis (Italy) Remix) is been selected on Beatport in the “Best New Hype Techno (Peak/Driving): August”.

- March 2020 he released in the mighty Eclipse Recordings with an EP called “Respect 09” composed by (Ephod and Transcendent).

- February 2020 he released an incredible 6 tracks EP called “Tenebra” – composed by 3 originals (Tenebra, Acid Enigma and Paroxic) and 3 remixes by (Sedated, Cesare Minacapilli and Alessandro Cocco) on Infekted Records. Especially “Cristian Collodoro - Acid Enigma (Cesare Minacapilli Remix)” is been selected on Beatport in the “Best New Hype Techno (P/D/H): March” chart, reached #55 on Techno Beatport Chart, #53 on Global Beatport Hype Charts, #13 on Top 100 Hype Techno Chart and also selected on “FingR86” YouTube channel and several massive playlists on Spotify.

- March 2019 his remix "DeKRA - Pyrochroa (Cristian Collodoro Remix)” on Insectum Records has been a huge success climbing the Hard Techno Tracks on Beatport and sit at #36 for months and also been selected in the “Various Artists - Acheta Domesticus” sitting at the #1 on Beatport Top 100 Hard Techno Releases and #15 Beatport Top 100 Techno Releases.

- June 2018 his EP “Entropia” – composed by (Entropia, Genesis and Rush) on Finder Records – smashed into the Hard Techno Releases on Beatport to sit at #10 and Hard Techno Charts on Beatport with “The Best Tracks Summer 2018” to sit at #1. 



Similarly, it has been in London that Cristian’s perspectives have effectively moved from the local to the global. Growing recognition, both for his technical and personal qualities, has taken the promising DJ to the worldwide-famous clubs and venues of the likes of: 

Ministry of Sound - London,UK | Familia @ Egg London - London,UK | Amore Festival @ Downtown RM - Rome,Italy | Der Weiße Hase - Berlin,Germany | Wildlife @ Trax Club - Vigo,Spain

Unlocked @ Mob Disco Theatre -Palermo,Italy | Mantra Club - Genova,Italy | Terminal - Lyon,France | Nacht @ Discoteca Nordest - Vicenza,Italy | Black Leather @ X Club - Madrid,Spain

Don Mezcal - Playa del Carmen,Mexico | Studio Red @ Clique Club - Saint Julian’s,Malta

Goya Social Club - Madrid,Spain | Minimal Force Records @ Cafe 1001 - London,UK

Lightbox - London, UK  | 93 Feet East - London,UK | CELL 200 - London,UK | ReUse - Palermo,Italy | Casa Cuba - Palermo,Italy | I Candelai - Palermo,Italy | Aquarium - London,UK  Shelter - London,UK | Shoreditch Platform - London,UK  | Club Reina - London,UK  Cyberdog - London,UK and more around the world.  

Playing with International Artists like:

Chris Liebing, Klaudia Gawlas, Carl Craig, SPFDJ, Adriana Lopez, Frankyeffe, Cassegrain, Radial, Lewis Fautzi, Toni Alvarez, Egbert Live, Fabio Florido, Ilario Alicante, Roberto Capuano, Benny Benassi, Julian Jeweil, Metodi Hristov,Phutek and many more.  



Since the launch of his podcast KARMA Techno Podcast, Collodoro’s sets have been played on Techno Live Sets, Deep Tech Minimal, Only Techno, Techno England,, M2O allo stato puro, Platinum Radio London, Techno and Rave, I LOVE MINIMAL TECHNO, London One Radio, Techno Love Rave, Techno Station, Techno TV, WeCanMix Radio Show, Feel the Beat on RCS Radio and more.  

Cristian has also appeared in a number of podcasts and interviews. In 2018, he’s been interviewed and recorded a set for Electronic Groove (available on Soundcloud and Mixcloud at EG Techno Podcasts) known for hosting internationally renowned artists such as Klaudia Gawlas, Fatima Hajji, Nicole Moudaber, Oliver Huntemann, Hito, Alex Stein, Oscar L, Fabio Florido, Stefano Noferini, Christian Smith, Mark Reeve, Stephan Hinz, Stacey Pullen, Simina Grigoriu, Noir, Ilario Alicante, Santé and many more.

In 2021 he’s been interviewed and recorded a set for Dj Mag Spain (available on Soundcloud and Website at Dj Mag Spain) known for hosting the most internationally renowned artists around the globe.

In 2021 he recorded a set for Data Transmission Radio and he had the honor to be the first one of the HT Management Series (available on Soundclud and Website at Data Transmission) known for hosting the most internationally renowned atists around the world. 

Also in 2018, Collodoro appeared on a documentary – ‘The Italian job’ – produced by Sky’s TV Channel PopEconomy where he shared his insights on pursuing a career as a successful DJ.

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